Episode 0 – Intro

Hello web-slingers and welcome to The Amazing Photo-Man podcast. Every week I’ll read one of The Amazing Spider-Man comics, those originals ones from the 1960s, and share with you how it inspired me to take photos using Peter Parker’s very own camera.

I’ve never read a comic before and long forgot about my favourite spidery superhero, so this will be an interesting challenge. To heighten the drama even further, I am still learning how to take photos and how to use film cameras.

The idea is to develop these myself too, I will be starting off with something simple. I’ve picked up a bargain camera, it’s a 1950s Adox Golf I, this shoots 6×6 photos on 120 film – which is a medium format.

I am going to stick with black & white for now, it is easier to develop at home with one monobath chemical solution. Based on my research this also seemed quite authentically mid-century, although during Peter Parker’s crime fighting times these older technologies did start to give way to the ones we are probably more familiar with, the 35mm colour film and lenses, rather than bellows. All of these things existed before then, but they didn’t become popular until the 1960s.

So, my plan is to keep reading and shooting pictures for as long as I can. Hopefully everyday. Hopefully I’ll eventually catch up on the comics too, I think there’s about 800 of them, and then be able to explore the Spider-Man Universe even further.

I already have my next camera, Peter Parker’s actual camera, and I’m looking into developing colour film, but I’ll have to leave you wondering until the next great episode. Don’t miss out!

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