Ultimate Photo-Man

Hello web-slingers and welcome to the Ultimate Photo-Man podcast. Every week I’ll read one of three different comics, including the ultimate series, and share with you how they inspired me.

I’d never read a single comic before deciding to read the original Amazing Spider-Man comics – just recently, and it wasn’t long before I found myself in a bit of spiral, all dizzy and tangled in the different versions of the Marvel universe and all the different spider-folks.

I wanted to understand who Miles Morales was, and perhaps had the biggest spoiler of all time when I learnt the fate of my dear, dear Peter Parker. I was thinking about making a secondary podcast to share my views on the different animated series, but these are not currently available where I live.

That’s when I got myself stuck looking into all the different Spider-Men and Spider-Women.

So, also, I’ve decided to read both the original Spider-Woman comics, and more current Spider Ghost/Spider-Gwen ones along with the Miles Morales volumes. The other classics will be included in The Amazing Photo-Man podcasts.

The idea on my other podcast is to learn to take film photos and develop them at home too. I’ve already started taking photos with an older camera while I repair the Yashica Electro 35 GS, aka Peter Parker’s camera-ish.

Here, however, I want to focus on the comics directly. If I feel inspired to take photos, then I will. Perhaps those will be digital. I don’t know yet. I guess you’ll have to keep listening to find out.

So then, my plan is to keep reading and shooting pictures for as long as I can. Hopefully everyday. Hopefully I’ll catch up on the comics too, and then I will keep reading the issues as and when they are released.

To be continued…

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