Hello multiverse web-slingers and welcome to B Token Comics and the home of The Amazing Photo-Man. Every week I’ll share the photos I have taken using a vintage camera, inspired by The Amazing Spider-Man comics.

I am still in the process of cleaning, repairing and restoring the Yashica Electro 35 aka Peter Parker’s camera, so in the meantime I’ll use a camera more authentic to the time that The Amazing Spidedr-Man comics started.

So, I will start this crazy adventure by using 120 film with the ADOX Golf I. I decided on this camera and monochrome film to achieve a 1950s aesthetic, the sort of camera Uncle Ben likely had lying around at home for Peter to borrow.

“The Adoxar coated 1:6.3 f=75mm lens has a turnable front lens element for focusing and is combined with a flash-synchronised Vario leaf shutter, with speeds of B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and 1/200 second. The diaphragm is stoppable down to f=2. The camera takes 6x6cm pictures.”

Source: camerapedia.fandom.com

The first batch of film I will use is Lomography Lady Grey, Early Grey, Berlin Kino and Postdam Kino all of which are black and white and again authentic in style to the late 50s and early 60s.

I checked around and it seems that 35mm colour film didn’t become popular until after 1965, although it had been around long before then.

I am excited to try developing the film and scanning the photos myself. I may end up printing some, but I will keep the development simple for now with a monobath and Paterson tank, with more complex chemicals and techniques for a future time.

Did I mention I am also learning to draw comics for myself?


I do not claim to be an amazing photographer, and am still learning how to adjust shutter speeds, apertures and take film ISO into consideration. A huge leap forward from the point and click photography I used to do with my smart phone.

I always saw myself as a viewer of photography, not a photographer. I remember sitting and watching my grandfather sorting his camera equipment, the time spent listening to his explanations on how to take a good picture, the hours looking at the endless photos he’d taken – which only amplified when he embraced digital technology.

I think my increasing interest in taking photos is partly due to my partner and his passion for taking unusual photos, 360º & tinyplanet and 3D anaglyph to name a few. You can see his stuff at pixelographic.com.

Until the next great episode!

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